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Your Help

Since November 2015 33 children and young people in the age 18-35 obtained the help in urgent treatment financed from the charitable donations. Some patients obtained such live-saving medical help several times. ICP, oncology and other serious diseases of different etiologies.

In each case we meet with the particular story and problem of a particular person and the patients’ age varies very much: from the 4-months’ baby to young mother who raises her child all of herself. And in each case the targeted aid came in perfect time!

But the main direction of the Foundation’s activity is a help for the patients with mucoviscidosis or cystic fibrosis (performed within the charitable program “Help to the Patients with Rare Lung Diseases”). 25 patients have obtained personal equipment for non invasive ventilation (NIV) to be used during the exacerbation of this serious genetic disease, they also have got treatment medications for intravenous antibacterial therapy and specialized nutrition. The Foundation also provided the help for a patient to obtain a medical rehabilitation program and health resort treatment which was necessary for her during the period after lung transplantation operation.

We are very grateful for all people who help the patients suffering from surgical or other severe diseases! Without your support we couldn’t have paid for the life-saving treatment that the patients need.